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Real tattoos are permanent and could be a lifetime of regret. Hence why Flash Tattoos have fancy gold and silver tattoos that resemble jewelry.
It seems more of an oddity, but there are still a handful of people with prosthetic eye art. Bill VandenBush has the Seahawks logo on his prosthetic eye. Back in 2009, Rob Spence originally wanted to transform his prosthetic eye into a...
Generally, it's not a good idea to get a tattoo with your significant other. Khloe amp Lamar Odom - Although their marriage didn't last, their tattoos will... At least until one or the other get the tattoo removed. After their wedding in 2009,...
Elaine Davidson is a Brazilian-born nurse, living in Edinborough, Scotland. She is the Guinness World Record holder for the most pierced woman with over 6,000 piercings.
The Guinness World Record holder for the 'Most Pierced Man' is Rolf Bucholz. He has a total of 453 piercings with 127 piercings on his and 278 piercings in his genital area.
The Food and Drug Administration is warning tattoo parlors, their customers and those that purhase at-home tattoo kits that not all tattoo ink is safe. Last month, California company White and Blue Lion Inc. recalled inks in in-home tattoo kits...
William Clyde Gibson's head tattoo was made public on Wednesday. The tattoo is quite controversial because he got the tattoo while under police custody.