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Being asked to be a bridesmaid is really a major deal, your friend is giving you the honour of becoming part of her inner circle on her wedding day. And with excellent privilege, comes wonderful responsibility. No your bride cannot count on...
I am now searching for my wedding dress. There are so many ideas over there that I just can not decide.
I am 25 years, and getting married next year. Wedding is a day which is wished by many girls since childhood, but before that, it is all about daily life wear.
If you assume purchasing apparel online isn't a great option, these 7 reasons might help you transform your thoughts. Females Garments Online Purchasing India has made lives easier for shopaholics for the adhering to reasons 1. Ladies Apparel...
News that Hong Kong's fashion industry landed a HK$200 million investment in the government's latest budget has bought hope to the creative sector. But some see this as a case of too little, too late.