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Could your exercise routine use an energy boost This delicious smoothie is packed with protein and antioxidants -- a great pick-me-up combo for maximizing your workout. Energizing Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe By Daniel...
Individuals in the age 40 - HALF A CENTURY are more likely to experience pain in the shoulder while throwing. This could be due to raised vulnerability to pains and also aches in the physical body with growing old.
Why Manly Men are More Susceptible to the Flu By Rachael Anderson When you hear the word "testosterone", you probably picture a strong, tough, manly man, right But in the fight against the flu, it turns out the hormone...
Eccentric repetitions are the best for build muscle.When you do an eccentric repetition the muscle becomes larger.
Ten Ways to Stand Up to Sitting Disease By Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD Outsmart those sneaky health menaces hiding in plain sight in your office, your living room, and your neighborhood coffee shop Chairs!...
I found an article from Natural News explaining ``Why are so many people allergic to peanuts,, It`s a good question because growing up I never heard of such a thing. It was very rare if at all. But get this statistic Between six and ten...