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Leelah Alcorn was born the wrong sex. Though born a boy, she should have been born a girl. These things happen in nature. It doesn't always match the biological sex with the person. Leelah wanted to be accepted by her family in Ohio, but...
Fun Way to Stay Young How would you like to cut your risk of memory loss in half Find out what simple habit researchers are touting as a mini fountain of youth. Being a Good Friend Keeps You Young By Mehmet C. Oz, MD,...
Some months ago I posted a blog about a female whom I had desperately tried to romance when I was much younger, but not any less ideally and romantically nave and stupiduntil recently. I had wandered around wondering why most (if not all) my...
It's been over three years since my last blog entry. Honestly, I just get so caught up with real world, responsible adult stuff that I just don't take time to sit down and write.