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There was once a man who was a champion wrestler. He had mastered 360 holds and tricks, and used a different one every day of the year.
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In my work as a Relaxationist it has become clear that in 'Hyper-Culture' multi-tasking and busyness and efficiency in the hunt for MOREMOREMORE have become the collective values that so often guide and drive us. Not only does this often...
Five Ways to Improve Your Health by Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD Five Ways to Improve Your Health Youre in an exam room, wearing a blue paper robe, as the doctor checks your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing,...
I want to be like Betty White when I grow up! No one has ever asked an actor, 'You're playing a strong-minded man' We assume that men are strong-minded, or have opinions. But a strong-minded woman is a different animal. amp8213 Meryl Streep ...