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Recess period or an interval in a school is a very refreshing break. Students wait for it anxiously. As soon as the bell rings, they rush out of the classrooms. Most of them have their lunch boxes in hands. They sit on the ground in groups to have...
Times have changed today, we have more day schools than boarding schools. As a parent if your child is in a residential school, you can rest assured that his academic needs will be taken care of by the school.
Stop Procrastinating Research suggests that procrastination may be a genetic trait. Fortunately, there are easy ways to overcome it and stay focused. 4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating By Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW ...
All great men have left their footprints on the sands of time. This has been done because they all led lives that contributed something positive and abiding to society.
Francis Bacon, the father of English prose, writes in one of his essays 'Reading maketh a full man'. He is very right in summing up his views about reading.
Balance Your Emotions How often do you stop to think about your emotional well-being Reducing stress can help your physical health in myriad of ways. See how emotionally balanced you are with these eight key insights. ...
Broadcasting is the miracle which came. It renders a more valuable service to the oriental countries which are either under developed or undeveloped.
My Predictions are based on Moon sign. Scorpio sign is governed by Commander in chief of planetary kingdom Mars. Saturn will enter in Scorpio sing on 2nd November2014 and will stay here till 26th January2017. A well placed Saturn in the...
Generation gap means lack of understanding and breakdown of communalism, between two categories of people, belonging to different age groups. Today the world is changing rapidly. The world from the stone age to 1800 AD has not undergone so much...
The word sportsmanship implies working with co-operating sincerity, discipline, punctuality and obedience. In other words, the virtue of team spirit can be called sportsmanship.