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Glacier skywalk jasper is a new attraction in Rockie Mountains in 2014. I took a bus from Columbia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre, and arrived Glacier Skywalk after 5 minutes. The Skywalk separates you from a 918 foot drop in Sunwapta...
Welcome to The Shringar Regency, Shringar Regency Presents best hotel manali. Best Hotel Manali Manali is a small but beautiful hill town and owing to its exceptional scenic beauty and unique geographical features is the most sought after...
Im always compelled by places languishing under the faded hippy hideout tag. Spots once populated by starving writers and painters, actors and reluctant millionaire offspring escaping reality.
The worlds smallest wooden submarine In 1854 engineer Otto Gerns 5 metre long submarine was built and tested in the port of Tallinn Estonia. This was to be Estonias first submarine. Gern was sent to Tallinn during the Crimean war (1853 1856) to...
Telford, in the heart of rural Shropshire, is an unlikely place to go looking for relics of the industrial age but this is where much of the hard work started. Shropshires iconic iron bridge, the Ironbridge Gorge Museum and its old steam railway are...
I December 2013 I again managed to snag a cheap cruise, this time on the Pacific Jewel doing 9 days around the South Pacific (west actually) New Caledonia, Vauatu et all. Great cruise great company.
In April 2013 I departed New Orleans for Copenhagen on a 17 day voyage via Miami, The Portugese Atlantic Islands, England and Sweden. As I crossed the Atlantic I used noon sites to judge our position and was happy to see I was only about 10 miles...
Top 20 Deals - June 25, 2014 - $369 -- Puerto Rico 4-Star Beach Getaway wAir Source $25 amp up -- Las Vegas Hotel amp Resort Sale incl. Extras Source...